How to do adventure, from the perspective of someone who’s learning the hard way

totally fubar'd after two days at Coed Y BreninAdventured is a record* of my outdoor experiences, told through stories, guides and shameless advertorials for businesses I’d love to work with in the future.

I’ve not done many extreme things, I’ve not been to many far-flung destinations, I’ve certainly not done anything worthy of attention from mainstream media. And in those ways, I am like most people who head outdoors for fun.

My activities are usually low budget, sometimes unsafe and always about far more than being seen to be doing them. Along the way I’ve often learnt the wrong way of doing things, what equipment to leave at home and how to adventure on a shoestring (unless you’re anywhere near a distilery).

Other words,


*not always factually accurate – it’s hard to remember actual events with single malt coursing through your viens.